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  1. Technical Support Policy
  2. Evaluation Copies
  3. Activating an Evaluation License
  4. Registration: The Final Step
  5. Registration Policy
  6. Renewal / Upgrade Policy
  7. Return Policy

Lone Star Software Technical Support Policy

  • [ New Copy ] Technical Support expires ONE year from first Registration.
  • [ Renewals / Upgrades ] Technical Support expires ONE year from date of purchase.
  • Non-bootable Hard Drive Crash Recovery Support: 24x7
    - Must have valid LONE-TAR Serial Number to request 24x7 Disaster Recovery Support
    - Must be in support to receive 24X7 Disaster Recovery Support
  • Other support issues: MON-FRI 9:00am - 5:00pm EST
  • Contact Support 24x7 via email: Email Support Form
  • Support Renewal Explanation:
    - Subscription: Purchase PRIOR to support expiration.
    - Non-Subscription: Purchase AFTER support expiration.
  • Updates within same LONE-TAR series are available at no charge.
    - v4.4.1.3 is considered the 4.4.x series
    - v4.3.1.6 is considered the 4.3.x series

Evaluation Copies

  • Fully functional for 30 days from first installation. [ Optional 14 day extensions built-in ]
  • There are NO restrictions on LONE-TAR features during the evaluation period.
  • All features and capabilities will function the same as a purchased copy.
  • Standard support is included for first time users. (for bootable hard drives only)
    - MONDAY - FRIDAY 9am-5pm EST
  • AIR-BAG is fully functional during DEMO MODE
  • Disaster Recovery Support is provided for registered copies only.

Activating an Evaluation License

  • Once LONE-TAR is purchased, you will be emailed a PDF file containing all licensing information.
  • PDF contains Activation Key, Serial Number and installation instruction link. View Sample License File.
  • Once Activated, you have 10 days to register online at our Registration Page.
  • How to activate a LONE-TAR Demo - Click Here

Registration: The Final Step

  • Registration is the final step to fully license LONE-TAR
  • Once LONE-TAR is Activated, you will go online to the Registration Page
  • When the Registration Form has been submitted, the Registration Key is visible immediately
    - A copy of the Registration is also emailed to the email address you specify
  • LONE-TAR must be registered to get support after initial 'Trial Period'
  • LONE-TAR must be registered to get 24x7 Disaster Recovery Support

Registration Policy

Once a LONE-TAR Serial Number has been Registered to an End-User, that license is bound to that End-User forever. Once LONE-TAR is Registered, there are NO refunds. If you want to transfer the Registration to a different operating system, there will need to be an upgrade purchased to do so. If a new copy is Activated, but NOT Registered, you can stock rotate to a different Operating System at no cost.



Renewal / Upgrade Policy

Renewals/Upgrades include the most recent LONE-TAR and (AIR-BAG or RESCUE-RANGER) release available at time of purchase. When upgrading or renewing a copy of LONE-TAR, the upgrade cost is non-refundable. Please test LONE-TAR before purchasing an upgrade to ensure compatibility. All upgrades allow a 30 day trial period to test all new features of LONE-TAR risk free. Existing LONE-TAR Serial Numbers qualify for an upgrade at the upgrade price as long as the support on the LONE-TAR Serial Number is not older than 6 years.

  • Renewing a LONE-TAR Serial Number that expired before January 1, 2007 [ $395.00 ]
  • Renewing a LONE-TAR Serial Number that expired after January 1, 2007 [ $225.00 ]
  • Renewing a LONE-TAR Serial Number before support expires [ $150.00 ]

Return Policy

As long as a new copy of LONE-TAR is not Registered on our online registration form, you have 30 days from date of purchase to be able to receive a refund. Once LONE-TAR is Registered, there are NO refunds.