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Product Bundles

Cost (USD)

LONE-TAR 4.4.x Enterprise
[ Includes AIR-BAG or Rescue-Ranger, Encryption ]
[ AIX | HP/UX | Solaris | Unixware ]
Add-On Encryption Module
[ Encryption 4 Life ]

Upgrades / Renewals

Cost (USD)

LONE-TAR Additional Support Years
[ Contract Extensions ]
LONE-TAR Support Renewal
[ Subscription ]
LONE-TAR Support Renewal
[ Non Subscription ]
LONE-TAR Legacy Support Renewal
[ Subscription ]
LONE-TAR Legacy Support Renewal
[ Non Subscription ]
LONE-TAR Support Renewal
[ 6 years or older ]
Email Lost Activation Key (In Support) $0.00
Email Lost Registration Key (In Support) $0.00
Email Lost Encryption Key (In Support) $0.00
Email Lost Activation Key (Support Expired) $50.00
Email Lost Registration Key (Support Expired) $50.00
Email Lost Encryption Key (Support Expired) $0.00
LONE-TAR Competitive Upgrade $99.00

Operating System

Part Number

Backup Bundle OSR5 5.0.5 - 5.0.7 CAC0015
Backup Bundle OSR5 5.0.2 - 5.0.4 CAC0019
Backup Bundle OSR6 6.0.0 CAC0016
Backup Bundle SCO CAC0020
Backup Bundle SCO UW7.1.4 CAC0023
Backup Bundle Linux 32-bit (Red Hat ES v4-v5 & CentOS v4-v5) CAC0032
Backup Bundle Linux 64-bit (Red Hat ES v4-v5 & CentOS v4-v5) CAC0064
Backup Bundle Linux 32-bit (Red Hat ES v6 & CentOS v6) CAC0032-RH6
Backup Bundle Linux 64-bit (Red Hat ES v6-v7 & CentOS v6-v7) CAC0064-RH6
Backup Bundle Linux 32-bit (Ubuntu & SuSE) CAC0032-U
Backup Bundle Linux 64-bit (Ubuntu & SuSE) CAC0064-U
Backup Bundle SVR4 or Solaris Intel CAC0021
Backup Bundle BSDI CAC0046
Backup Bundle FreeBSD CAC0045
Backup Bundle Solaris (Sparc) CAC0029
Backup Bundle AIX CAC0028
Backup Bundle HP/UX CAC0027
Encryption for Linux 32-bit ENC0032
Encryption for Linux 64-bit ENC0064
Encryption for SCO OSR5 ENC0015
Encryption for SCO 6.0 ENC0016
Encryption for FreeBSD ENC0045

General Information:
  • All pricing is quoted per LONE-TAR Serial Number.
  • All copies of LONE-TAR (New/Upgrades) come with 1 year technical support.
    (Except the LONE-TAR Lite)
  • No media is shipped. All LONE-TAR products are downloadable here.
  • All Activation and Registration Keys are emailed in a PDF.
  • System Crash AIR-BAG or RESCUE-RANGER are available for:
    - Linux 32bit & 64bit
    - SCO 5
    - SCO 6
    - FreeBSD
  • [ New Copy ] Technical Support expires ONE year from first Registration.
  • [ Renewal ] Technical Support expires ONE year from date of purchase.
    - Non bootable Hard Drive: 24 x 7 x 365
    - Other support Issues: 9:00am - 5:00pm EST
  • Support Renewal Explanation:
    - Subscription: Purchase PRIOR to support expiration.
    - Non Subscription: Purchase AFTER support expiration.
  • Renewals include the most recent LONE-TAR release available at time of purchase.
  • Updates within same series are available at no charge for the LONE-TAR version purchased.
    Example: v4.2.4.1 is considered the v4.2 series | v4.3.1.6 is considered the v4.3 series
  • All prices and terms subject to change without notice.