Question: Getting emails about Archive Catalogs not being compressed. How do I fix?
Keywords: compress, archive catalog, not compressed
Operating Systems: ALL


  • The main cause is when updating versions of LONE-TAR, catalog files from an earlier release do not get properly purged after a routine backup and verify, causing compressed catalogs to hang around. So the following year when LONE-TAR does backups and tries to compress the current backup logs, they already exist in compressed format of the same catalog name. This causes the current catalog to not get compressed, causing LONE-TAR to email a report about Archive Catalogs not being compressed. It could be 1 file, or multiple files. For every file not able to compress an email will be sent out by LONE-TAR if email is enabled. This could potentially result in several emails being sent out.


Example of Email Message
Email Subject Header: Archive Catalog NOT Compressed.
Email Contents: The Archive Catalog "Master_Dec.24" was not compressed

The /log directory will have files like this:


It will already have a regular catalog and a compressed catalog with the same name, causing the problem.

Steps to FIX the issue

1.    Run the following commands:

            # cd /usr/lone-tar
            # ./log.purge
            # ./log.compress

2.    Run another backup and check your email, if the Archive not compressed emails go away then you are good to go. 
      If the problem still persists, please go to step three.

3.    If you are only having an issue with 1 catalog, simply get the filename of the catalog from the email and remove 
      the compressed version from the system:

            # cd /log
            # rm Master_Dec.24.gz

4.    If you are dealing with a lot of catalogs not being compressed, it might be better to clear a lot of the old logs
      manually. Simply do a listing and see which set of catalogs you can remove.

Steps to DISABLE message altogether

1.    Run the following commands:

            # ltmenu
		Select Option 8 (Environment)
			Select Option 6 (Catalogs)
				edit variable #67 --> MAX_LOG_DU_WARN

				Set variable to "0" <zero>