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Released 10/23/2017

LONE-TAR Version:

  1. Cleaned up menu copyright dates.
  2. Corrected email bug in the remaining scripts below.  LONE-TAR would send '.dat' files instead of proper backup summary output.

    Modified files:
        - /usr/lone-tar/ltar.M.tape
        - /usr/lone-tar/ltar.M.cron
        - /usr/lone-tar/ltar.I.tape
        - /usr/lone-tar/ltar.I.cron
        - /usr/lone-tar/ltar.S.tape
        - /usr/lone-tar/ltar.S.cron


Released 08/25/2017

LONE-TAR Version:

  1. Fixed email bug for RHEL/CentOS 6.x & 7.x users. LONE-TAR would send '.dat' files instead of proper backup summary output.

    Modified files:
        - /usr/lone-tar/SEND_OUTPUT
        - /usr/lone-tar/create.tss
  2. Fixed compression bug with FTP backups.
  3. Added new script '/usr/lone-tar/kill9_lt_all' which will kill all LONE-TAR scripts, not just LONE-TAR backups.

    /usr/lone-tar/kill9_lt  --> Only kills LONE-TAR backup/verify processes

    /usr/lone-tar/kill9_lt_all   -->  Kills any processes that use LONE-TAR scripts

  4. Added new BackupServer utilities.

    These new utilities will make it easier to duplicate data to the cloud or any remote backup device.   

        bsvr - Main script to run all the functions of BackupServer
        bsvr.bs - Script that runs live-syncs to BackupServer
        bsvr.gb - Script that runs data-syncs to GOSH
        bsvr.cron - Script that sets up CRON entries for BackupServer

  5. Enhanced the information our TSS (Technical Support Sheet) generates.

    - Displays in-depth system details. To better trouble-shoot issues.
    - Added contents of all inclusion/exclusion lists
  6. Fixed logs not getting compressed and purged properly.
  7. No more LAST_FILE errors during backups. LONE-TAR will not allow two backups to interfere anymore.

  8. Each Backup Device uses its own inclusion/exclusion lists during backups. Great feature for multiple devices backing up different directories. 


AIR-BAG Version:

  1. Bug fix on Full Automated Restore not properly using parted

AIR-BAG Version:

  1. UEFI support added
  2. GPT support added

AIR-BAG Version:

  1. NEW FEATURE!!! AIR-BAG will now auto-detect and auto-load any missing drivers for hard drive or network card.
    Watch our YouTube Video on this new feature in action!
  2. Fully functional DEMO Mode. Our software will protect your data and clone your system during your FREE trial period. What do you have to lose?
  3. Enhanced encryption recovery.
  4. Cleaned up menu interface
  5. Network detection improved
  6. Guided Step-by-Step feature enhanced. Allows for minimal expertise to complete.


What is coming soon to AIR-BAG?

- Support for Ubuntu and OpenSuSE