LONE-TAR has been protecting data for over 3 decades. LONE-TAR has maintained its reputation as a reliable, easy to use, backup and recovery software for Linux and UNIX operating systems. It can backup an entire system from our easy-to-use menu interface or run backups unattended through CRONY. LONE-TAR can backup to the most popular devices on the market today, including but not limited to USB HDDs, RDX/RD1000 Storage Vaults, and network devices such as NFS and Samba shares. LONE-TAR can also handle network based backups locally or over the internet using FTP or SSH.

Get full data protection with LONE-TAR in three simple steps:

  1. Create a LONE-TAR Master Backup
  2. Create a AIR-BAG Disaster Recovery Disc or Flash Drive
  3. Create a off-site backup to GOSH

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Creates a backup archive of ENTIRE system

♦ device files
♦ partitions
♦ LVs (Logical Volumes)
♦ empty directories
♦ links
♦ symbolic links
♦ RAW partitions
♦ virtual files

Restore files and directories quick and easy.

♦ device files
♦ empty directories
♦ links
♦ symbolic links
♦ virtual files

256-bit AES encryption module available for all backups (HIPPA Compliant)

♦ Generates a key based on a user-friendly pass-phrase (easy to remember but hard to crack)
♦ Encrypt all devices or select devices
♦ This is a built-in module that needs to be activated with an Encryption Key
♦ All new copies of LONE-TAR come with FREE encryption for life!

Byte-by-Byte™ Verification on ALL LONE-TAR backups

♦ If the backup is off by one byte, LONE-TAR will report with a backup failure

Supports the most popular backup devices

♦ RDX™ Storage Vault
♦ RD1000™ Storage Vault
♦ USB Hard Disk Drives / USB Flash Drives
♦ Tape Drives
♦ DVDs
♦ REV™ Drives

Supports backing up over the network (LAN / WAN)

♦ NAS Network-Attached-Storage (NFS / CIFS / Samba)
♦ Network Shares (including Windows™)
♦ Cloud

Automated backup rotation schemes to network backups and disk-to-disk backups

♦ Daily, Weekly, Monthly rotations
♦ Rotation schemes on specific dates
♦ Select your own (#)amount of backups

Master/Incremental Backups for multiple devices supported

♦ Run incremental backups based on device specific full system backups
♦ Run selective incremental backups to only backup changes on a specific directory rather than entire system.

Powerful inclusion and exclusion lists to customize your system backup

♦ Reduce what gets backed up to reduce backup times
♦ Backup data directories incrementally without backing up entire system

Cascading support for file backups where file-size limitations exist

♦ Splits backups into volumes and labels each volume sequentially to eliminate any file-size limitations
♦ This option is great for UNIX® users backing up their entire system to a file or network device

Automated Nightly Backups made easy through CRONY™

♦ A complete interface to manage all your 'cron' jobs, including LONE-TAR unattended backups
♦ Run multiple backups in sequence at night to different devices unattended
♦ Get email or printout reports of backup successes or failures

Complete logs of ALL Backups, Restores, Verifies, and Listings

♦ Retention levels can be set to purge and compress old archive catalogs to conserve hard drive space
♦ Retain a complete history of all backups and lists of all data backed up with file information included

Hardware independent. Works with any device supported by your Operating System

♦ All devices must be listed on our Device Support Table for full functionality and support

Includes source-code customization for your own scripts

♦ Use LONE-TAR in sync with your own scripts to perform user-specific jobs

All backup archives are 'tar' compatible

♦ Software compression and encryption must be disabled to maintain 'tar' compatibility
♦ It is a sense of relief when you know you have more than one way to read a backup archive

Multiple compression levels to optimize your data usage

♦ On-the-fly data compression (compresses then sends it off)
♦ Allows to reduce backup size over the pipe

Backup database partitions

♦ Informix®
♦ Oracle®
♦ Progress®

Backup and Recover on Virtual Machines

♦ VMWare
♦ Hyper-V
♦ VirtualBox
♦ and more
♦ Can recover a virtual server onto physical hardware and vice-versa

Unmatched Support

♦ 24x7x365 System Crash Support by our award winning Technical Team
♦ Complete On-line Documentation
♦ Complete YouTube™ FAQ Video Library
♦ Friendly and knowledgeable technicians available to assist in any type of backup situation
♦ Free 1 year support on all LONE-TAR purchases and upgrades
♦ Extended support contracts are available to ensure help is always there when you need it