For Linux® operating systems only
AIR-BAG comes included with LONE-TAR

All it takes is one crash to realize the value of our product AIR-BAG. Anyone who has experienced a crash knows AIR-BAG is a lifesaver. AIR-BAG creates a bootable CD or bootable ISO image which captures your hard drives original configurations to allow you to rebuild your fatally crashed server without having to reload the operating system! Then working in conjunction with your most recent LONE-TAR backup, AIR-BAG will continue to recover your system back to its most recent backup state.

Never worry about a crashed server again with AIR-BAG:

  1. Bare-metal disaster recovery
  2. Cloning abilities to backup servers
  3. P2V (Physical to Virtual) recovery and vice versa
  4. Modify existing partitions or logical volumes

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Fully Automated System Restore, gets your system back up, fast!

♦ Re-partition drives to original state
♦ Re-format partitions to original state
♦ Re-configure logical volumes
♦ Friendly interface for novice users

Recover your system to a larger hard drive configuration

♦ Take advantage of the extra drive space
♦ Allows you to re-partition your drive to new settings to accommodate larger drive sizes
♦ Allows enlarging existing partitions (including swap!)
♦ Adjust existing logical volumes

Clone your server to completely different hardware

♦ NEW!!! AIR-BAG will auto-detect any missing drivers and load automatically for a smooth bare-metal recovery
♦ Add additional drivers to accommodate new hardware on the fly
♦ Easy on-the-fly module loading before or after AIR-BAG creation
♦ We allow plug-and-play devices during AIR-BAG boot up to install additional modules if needed

Recover a Physical Server to a Virtual Server (and vice-versa)

♦ Take AIR-BAG to a virtual system and recover a physical server image
♦ Take AIR-BAG to a physical system and recover a virtual server image

Recover select partitions or logical volumes

♦ Recover a corrupted filesystem without recovering the entire system
♦ Restore data on a existing filesystem without reformatting
♦ Clear data on a full root filesystem that will not boot without restoring
♦ Great feature to leave database partitions alone when recovering the root filesystem

256-bit AES encryption module available for all backups (HIPPA Compliant)

♦ When encryption is used, recovery can begin ONLY when pass-phrase matches what is on AIR-BAG

Telnet & SSH Remote Access Support

♦ Allows anyone to do a disaster restore remotely anywhere on the planet.
♦ Great for VARs and consultants who support clients in different states.
♦ Connect to AIR-BAG remotely just like you would connect to the live server

Supports restoring over the network (LAN / WAN)

♦ NAS Network-Attached-Storage (NFS / CIFS / Samba)
♦ Network Shares (including Windows™)
♦ Cloud

Re-stamp the MBR

♦ Allows to fix any LILO or GRUB boot errors
♦ Recover a corrupted boot filesystem without recovering entire system

Unmatched Support

♦ 24x7x365 System Crash Support by our award winning Technical Team
♦ Complete On-line Documentation
Complete YouTube™ FAQ Video Library 
♦ Friendly and knowledgeable technicians available to assist in any type of backup situation
♦ Free 1 year support on all LONE-TAR purchases and upgrades
♦ Extended support contracts are available to ensure help is always there when you need it